‘Gangster Squad,’ ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ ‘A Haunted House’: Review Revue


Wayans taking it to the ‘House’ Wayans used the time instead to write and star in “A Haunted House,” which revolves around an African-American couple and their various attempts to get rid of the demon who is haunting their house. As I learned over my sushi lunch with Wayans last …


Essence Atkins Talks to EURweb About Her ‘A Haunted House’ Experience And I was like, ‘Marlon wants to meet with me…but I was curious and I couldn’t say no,” she continues to describe how she became involved with the film, “A Haunted House” with Marlon Wayans. So I went and I had a meeting with them about this movie.


“A HAUNTED HOUSE” (Movie Review) A HAUNTED HOUSE represents the kind of surprise leading to disappointment that crops up on the movie scene sometimes—the surprise being that it’s not quite as awful as you might expect, and the disappointment that it still isn’t nearly good enough to …


Cinefantastique Spotlight Podcast: A Haunted House 2013-01-14-SA_01781_rgb_410.jpg In defiance of conventional wisdom, the second week of 2013 sees yet another film that doesn’t aspire to the bottom-of-the-barrel stature usually typified by early-in-the-year releases. Quite to the contrary, A Haunted …


‘A Haunted House’ Takes #2 Behind ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ at Box Office Fueled by African-American and Latino moviegoers, Haunted House outpaced expectations to gross a hearty $18.8 million for Open Road Films, IM Global and Endgame Entertainment. Placing No. 2, the movie starring Marlon Wayans is a parody of the …


‘A Haunted House’ brings humor to horror Welcome,. Profile; Logout. You’re watching… ‘A Haunted House’ brings humor to horror. Advertisement. Details. Description. Marlon Wayans returns with ghosts, laughs. Duration 1:50; Date Jan 11, 2013. Advertisement. Clips. Also in this playlist …


Box Office: A Haunted House Opens Big, Texas Chainsaw 3D Runs Out of Gas The box office weekend may have belonged to the hunt for Osama Bin Laden; but dick, fart, and pot jokes helped the Paranormal Activity spoof A Haunted House open big in second place. Meanwhile, poor Texas Chainsaw 3D got so massacred it nearly …


‘HAUNTED HOUSE’ CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY As “Zero Dark Thirty” sparks debate over waterboarding, we’re left to wonder if there might be some other way to obtain information from enemy noncombatants. I’d suggest forcing them to watch “A Haunted House,” the new Marlon Wayans movie and alleged …

I’m so ready to see A Haunted House with this weekend!


now you should see A Haunted House, absolute hilarity


let’s go see a haunted house! I want to go to the movies:( #unlovedChildTho…


I need to go see a haunted house ASAP .. been a fan since #WaynesBros lmaoo


a freaking haunted house & pumpkin that’s horrendous! His kid is gonna laugh at him haha #loser


man a haunted house looks sooo much better than scary movie 5 congrats on your new movie man #AHH


still wanna go see “a haunted house” lol looks funny **


I HAVE to go see a haunted house!


A Haunted House was a refreshing comedy haven’t laughed in a theatre like that in years you a genius fam


I want to see A Haunted House!!!


A Haunted House was hilarious must see movie ! And I love Marlons Tornado dance **


& a Haunted House!


I wanna see a Haunted house .


a haunted house was stupid af .. i knew i didn’t wanna see that shit


I wanna see a haunted house agaaaain.

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